BOATS IN THE BAY began in Sept 2006 to promote the idea of establishing a racing class of replica fishing luggers in St.Ives (The Jumbo Project).

 It was a one day event which centred around some dynamic traditional lugger sailing, the like of which had not been seen in the Bay for decades.


The little watercolour featured in our first poster was painted by my grandfather R Morton Nance in 1888 when he was only 15.  It is therefore contemporary with the early jumbos.

Crucially, the event provided an opportunity to guage public support.

In 2007 exactly a year later, a similar event took place  to celebrate the launch of 'Celeste'.

 So, let's introduce the owner, whose enthusiasm and generosity made it happen...Robert 'Bean' Goodden.

Report of  LAUNCH DAY

Now Boats in the Bay is here to stay as the event that launches the St.Ives September Festival.



Future jumbo                             skippers!                               

 Joel Smith with Dolly Laity (then only 6  yrs - and  dressed to kill)!