Last weekend proved to be a particularly busy one for The Jumbo Association during which they raised over 400, welcomed 5 new members, taught at least 9 people the art of scullying and diverted many others from more mundane activities.


It began on Friday evening with Jonny Nance's talk at the Arts Club. This was the first time since childhood that Jonny had returned to this fine old building which was full of the ghosts of his forebears.  A capacity audience heard how the seeds of the Jumbo project were sown in his young head as he sailed model luggers made by his grandfather, R Morton Nance, a former president of the Club in the early 1930's. At that time his father Dicon was restoring the Godrevy, a St.Ives pilchard boat at Lelant, unwittingly initiating the Lugger Revival.

In recent years, Jonny maintained, the town has effectively 'turned its back on the sea'. The Association was set up to encourage people to re-engage with the sea and each other. 


Evidently, the Jumbo Association is enjoying some success for the next morning brilliant sunshine greeted many new participants to Scully Day. First afloat was harbourmaster Steve Bassett, demonstrating an impressive turn of speed whilst scullying Jonny's punt. Next, a welcome addition to the event, as members of St.Ives Gig Club arrived with their gig to offer newcomers an opportunity to try gig rowing.

The Association had gathered 5 small boats and for a few hours a succession of individuals tried their hand at mastering the knack of scullying in the lee of West Pier.

No sooner had the tide receded and the boats recovered, a committee meeting was convened at the Shore Shelter, attended by 19 - a new record reflecting the steady growth of interest in the activities of the Association. 


Meanwhile, down by the slipway, the Cadgwith Singers struck up, warming up for another grand session at the Castle Inn to finish off the day.


The Jumbo Association is grateful to all those who contributed to these events, in particular the St.Ives Arts Club, the Harbourmaster, the Cadgwith Singers and the Castle Inn. 


The St.Ives Gig Club is running 'Learn to Row' courses for juniors. Anyone interested should contact Philip Pring on 07775627357